Aerial Services Pvt. Ltd. is the Authorized Sales and Service Centre in India for the entire range of products of Garmin International Inc., the leading U. S. manufacturer of Global Positioning Systems and O.E.M. sensor boards worldwide.

We have a well-trained staff renowned for their technical expertise and a facility equipped and certified (by GARMIN International and the Director General Civil Aviation, India) to handle procurement, installation, training, interfacing, warranty replacements, repair and maintaining Garmin GPS Receivers in India.

The superiority of our services to the Indian Navy, has resulted in the standardization of Aerial Services Pvt. Ltd., for the maintenance of Garmin GPS Receivers for the entire Naval fleet which includes fixed and rotary wing aircraft, our sole A/c carrier, submarines, destroyers, marine commandos, submarines, gun-boats, etc.
In addition to the sale of equipment, our services revolve around installation and integration, providing technical support, repair and maintenance of their GPS Receivers. Due to the critical nature of operations of some of our customers, our repair philosophy involves maintaining stocks of GPS Receivers at various locations around the country for the armed forces.

In addition to delivery and collection services provided at over five hundred locations across India, we ensure that our relationship with our customers does not end with the sale of the product. And our customers will confirm our commitment to customer satisfaction and product and service quality.

Due to the large population of GPS Receivers in India the necessity to support and provide immediate replacements for cannot be over-emphasized. To ensure this we have:

  • A chain of delivery and collection service points provided at over five hundred locations across India On arrival in Mumbai, the defective GPS receivers are dispatched to Garmin International, USA, after which they dispatch replacements to Mumbai.
  • GPS Receivers stocked in different parts of the country based upon the situation (war or peace), or the Instructions issued by the various HQ’s.
  • The defective units upon arrival are replaced immediately by the concerned service center and dispatched immediately to our main office in Mumbai.
  • On arrival in Mumbai, the defective GPS receivers are dispatched to Garmin International, USA, after which they dispatch replacements to Mumbai.

Leader in New Product Introduction


Garmin GPS first launched into India in 1996

Garmin Marine GPS introduced to Fishermen in 1999

Rino Handheld devices introduced to the Army and MHA in 2003

First to integrate GPS on Dornier Aircrafts, with Autopilot and Radar, for Naval Aviation and Coast Guard in 2004

Marine GPS introduced to the Navy in 2005

Introduced customised user-specific maps on handheld GPS devices in 2005

Introduced Automotive products in India, with turn-by-turn navigation in 2006

Set up a Dealer network for distribution of Automotive products across retail stores in 2007

Developed software with Tribal Research, integrating GPSdevices and maps, to resolve 300K+ cases of land disputes, which received a National award in 2010

Launched the complete range of Fitness products during the SCMM in 2012

Supplier of Marine GPS and Fish Finders under the AP Govt. Fisheries subsidiary scheme since 2014